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Message From the Acting President

Our FRW is a dynamic group of women (and men) who support the values of the Republican Party.  It is our goal to promote and inform the public through political education and activity  We are the Party of traditional values - we believe in our Constitution as the supreme law of our land.  We are the key to protecting our freedom of speech, protecting our borders from those who would cause ill will, protecting our unborn, protecting our rights to bear arms, and always supporting our military.  We fight to support worker's rights and support fiscally conservative policies that benefit New Mexicans. 

We support the objectives and policies of the Republican National, State and County committees, and work for the election of the Republican Party for nominees for local, state and national office. New Mexico has been a "blue" state for most of its history, but now the "progressive" wing of the Democratic Party is attacking your gun rights, eliminating ANY restrictions on abortion, restricting our oil and gas production (which is almost 40% of New Mexico's revenue), and on top of it all...WILL RAISE YOUR TAXES!  
Please join us at one of our monthly meetings (when available), where you will be welcome to listen to one of our informative speakers, every third Friday of select months.  It's a great time and our speakers are dynamic women and men in our community - please go to our Events page to see what's coming up.  You can now purchase your luncheon event tickets and memberships online! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Maura Jans

Acting President, San-Bern FRW


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Monthly Meetings



(Seating is limited)

(for more details, click here)

Happy FALL!

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